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Captain Character®

A Superhero for Today

Captain Character has the power to capture people’s total attention, freeze them in their tracks with his focus, and teach them the lessons they need to learn so that they change their actions and attitudes away from their negative ways.  Captain Character is a superhero that comes on the scene at a time when his powers and abilities are needed.  Based out of the hidden gem American town, Plainfield Illinois, Captain Character is a superhero for our world today.

About Captain Character

There is a new superhero in town, and he lives in Plainfield, IL.  The story is set in Plainfield, Joliet and surrounding area.  This is a great new reading idea for your family.  Books and e-books may be purchased through the website links.

Dr. Matthew Meleg is a research physicist wanting to alter the speed of light and he becomes a superhero altering people’s lives instead.  Meet Captain Character!

Imagine this!  He is working in his lab – and ZAP!  Power from his specialized equipment surges into his body through his left index finger.  He goes unconscious.  When he wakes up, his finger is glowing green, his eyes have become laser-focused and he has a keen perception understanding that he did not have before.  With these superpowers, he appears on the scene when citizens find themselves in difficult situations - and he knows just what to do.

He shows up in his green mirrored sunglasses and trench coat that blows in the breeze, even when there is none.  He helps people make right decisions in every situation. Now, he has the challenge of balancing everyday research with his superhero responsibilities.  Welcome to the new chapter book series for young superhero enthusiasts – “Captain Character.”  And the adventure begins…

Chapter Book Series

The following books are currently available as part of the "Captain Character®" Chapter Book Series.


The Adventure Begins

Available Now!

Captain Character is a modern day superhero. He is a physicist who transforms into Captain Character when needed.

The Legend

Available Now!

This is the second book in the Captain Character chapter book series, with "Captain Character - The Adventure Begins" setting the stage.

Captain Character The Legend copy.jpg
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