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The Adventure Begins

Captain Character Is A Superhero For Today

Captain Character has the power to capture people’s total attention, freeze them in their tracks with his focus, and teach them the lessons they need to learn so that they change their actions and attitudes away from their negative ways.  Captain Character is a superhero that comes on the scene at a time when his powers and abilities are needed.  Captain Character is a superhero for our world today.


The Story Line

Zapped by power from a Superconducting MagnetEnergy Storage (SMES) system, Dr. Matthew Meleg received power and extra perception to know when someone is in physical need and go to him or her.  His extra physical strength, awareness on how to diffuse the situation and turn it around, comes with physical strength and a presence that captivates those involved.  He moves undetected except to those with whom he interacts.  His trademark is the glowing in his left index finger where this power entered his body.

Superhero Powers and Abilities

* Increased physical strength

* Enhanced perception of where he is needed

* Rapidly gets to where he needs to go

* Physical presence that captivates people and makes them freeze in 

their tracks

* Perception to know when someone is in physical need

* Awareness on how to diffuse a bad situation and turn it 

around by teaching good actions

* Intensity radiating from his eyes that makes them sensitive to light

* Undiscovered powers associated with his eyes (more to come!)

* Clothes (e.g. trench coat & sunglasses) change in 

appearance and assume power

* Ability to come and go undetected

* Ability to remain unseen by others  during his interactions

* Ability to make areas appear normal during his interactions

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The Captain Character Origin Story Book is called "Captain Character - The Adventure Begins."  Order online in hard copy or e-copy format.


Online Ordering

"Captain Character - The Adventure Begins" may be ordered online  through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  It may also be ordered through Westbow Press (the Publisher).  See the "Books" page for ordering information.

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