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Captain Character - Book #2 Released

There are several Captain Character updates to tell you about. First, Book #2 “Captain CharacterTM - The Legend” is now available. This book continues on with his adventures as his powers and abilities develop even more and he comes to understand them better. He has some exciting new adventures and more people are learning about him and what he can do. In fact, he has become a “Legend.” Both of his books are available on his website ( at the “Books” page. They can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Westbow Press (the publisher) with the links right there.

Captain CharacterTM merchandise is now available through the “Shop” page on his website. We are selling t-shirts (adult and youth sizes), sunglasses (like he wears) and gym bags. Now you can read his books AND have official Captain CharacterTM products too. (

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