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More About Captain Character!

REGULAR DRESS Trendy, safari-type clothes (brown, tan, gold and green colors) Wears trench coat or aviator jacket Boots (not western style) Green mirrored sunglasses (with large lenses) Aviator’s wristwatch

KNOWN RELATIVES Nina Meleg (Mother) Skyler Meleg (Sister)

FRIENDS George (and his girlfriend EmmaSue) Joey (former college roommate)  Madison (Skyler’s roommate) Tyler (Skyler’s boyfriend) Zachary, Geoffrey and Gavin (new younger friends) Shawn and Kristin (neighbors)

OTHERS NAMED Ms. Jessica (Zachary’s teacher)  Jackie (Zachary’s Mom) John and Mark (teens in cars)

POWERS AND ABILITIES Increased physical strength Enhanced perception of where he is needed Rapidly gets to where he needs to go Physical presence that captivates people and makes them freeze in  their tracks Intensity radiating from his eyes that makes them sensitive to light Undiscovered powers associated with his eyes (more to come!) Clothes (e.g. trench coat & sunglasses) change in  appearance and assume power Ability to come and go undetected Ability to remain unseen by others during his interactions Ability to make areas appear normal during his interactions

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