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Announcing Captain Character

Announcing that there is a new superhero on the scene! His name is Captain Character. He is being announced to the world in a new book called “Captain Character – The Adventure Begins” by Christine Van Horn. This is the first in a chapter book series for older children and teens.

Captain Character received his superpowers in an intriguing way. He has the power to capture people’s attention, cause them to freeze in their tracks with his focus, and teach them the lessons they need to learn so they can change their actions and attitudes to turn from their negative ways. Captain Character comes on the scene when his powers and abilities are needed. Captain Character is a superhero for our world today.

Captain Character is really Dr. Matthew Meleg, an accelerator physicist who works in research. He got zapped by a machine in his experimental laboratory, and it changed his life forever. He now has supernatural powers to know when someone is in need and get to them quickly. He teaches them lessons in character and makes real differences in their lives.

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